Business used to be dominated by old white men, from wealthy families, and it was an old boys club. One that people like us weren’t allowed to crack without having a way in. But now the internet has changed it all. This is entrepreneurship’s golden age and we’re blessed to be around for the time to shine.

So here we are Niall and Yvonne, born in Ireland, grew up in England and now we travel as much as possible with bases in New Zealand in Canada. We run a few online businesses in addition to this blog. Import/export is our main source of income - we are heavily involved with Amazon FBA and drop-shipping, but more recently we’ve been designing our own products and selling those too. I’d love to share our businesses with you, but it’s a competitive market out there, haha!

I am however happy to share our biz models, our tips, our mistakes and our learnings, and hopefully you are able to follow in our traveling footsteps. See you on the road.


Fist bump,