5 Ways to Monetize a Blog

The rapid expansion of the internet over the last few decades has provided many people with excellent opportunities to make a lot of cash – some have made millions – and one way to do this is to start a blog site. Blogging is basically where people write a sort of diary of their experiences whether it is about travel, food or any other recreational activities people do. But did you know that you can actually monetize your blog? It is true, you can actually make an income from it and this article will give you some tips on how to do it.

First of all you have to choose what the content of your blog is going to be. The next step is to set up your blog on one of the many blogging platforms that are available out there, the most popular is WordPress. A simple internet search will allow you to find a suitable platform for you to use. After that you need to choose a name for your blog for the domain. Use something simple, short and catchy then register it. You also need to choose a host and once all that is taken care of you can set up your web page and away you go.

Now obviously you are not going to make money just by having a blog so you need to build up as big a following as possible. If you want to make money from advertising then no one will advertise with you if nobody is reading it. Probably the quickest way to make money is using a technique called affiliate marketing. This is where you might promote a particular companies services or products on your blog and each time a reader clicks on that particular ad then the company pays you a commission. Payment is usually generated by pay per click, per sale or per lead. Quite simple really as you don’t technically have to do any of the sales as the product already exists.

Another way to make money is to do what is known as search engine optimization. This requires a bit of sales work but basically you write articles on your blog that include keywords that are hyperlinked to your clients website. Whenever a Google search is done using the keywords the client gains a ranking from Google which moves them up the list in Google rankings. Ideally most people want to be on the first couple of pages as they are the ones most searchers will use. Google also something called Adsense which again promotes websites and you usually get paid per click on here. You will see Adsense promotions on many sites.

So, choose your content and start blogging and make some cash.

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