Best Biz Class Flights in the World!

The cost of air travel has come down considerably in recent years due to competition and the fall in the price of oil so now is a good time to maybe indulge oneself and fly business class for once. As you know there is a marked difference between business and economy class but which providers are offering the best services these days? Let’s take a quick look at what is on offer these days concentrating on long haul operators.

Ranked as the worlds number one airline, Singapore Airlines has revamped its business class to an exceptional standard. They have changed the layout of the seats and they now boast the widest seats of any of the carriers. Looking more first class than business class they serve impeccable restaurant quality food and wine and after all of that you can adjust your seat to any position for a well-earned rest.

Qatar Airways has had something of a makeover in recent years and its purchase of Boeing 787 Dreamliners has also meant a new model for its business class. The seating is arranged so that everyone faces the aisle for easy access and they also fold down for a comfortable rest during the flight. Again as you would come to expect from a top class airline the food is fantastic.

Sometimes it is not just about the flight itself but the whole package and Cathay Pacific seem to offer just that. The ground staff, as well as cabin crew are very hospitable and the airport lounges offer a great space to relax before your flight. One thing of note about Cathay Pacific is that they provide the longest flat down seat of all its competitors with the seats extending to two meters. Also, they manage to keep their prices extremely competitive in what is an extremely competitive business.

It wouldn’t be fair to review a selection of business class products without including Emirates and its fleet of megaplanes – the A380 twin deck. This thing is enormous and it is amazing to see it even take off. As people come to expect with Emirates, nothing but luxury is provided. Quality entertainment, great food and on the upper deck there is even a bar. Again ground service is great with chauffer service to pick you up and a superb airport lounge.

This is only a small selection of carriers reviewed here and many other airlines offer similar services and some services will differ depending on where you fly to. However, whichever you choose you can guarantee that business class is the biz!


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