Why Working Remotely is the Bomb!

Let’s face it, the employment world is changing. With the power of the internet and the number of opportunities it provides, people are turning their backs on the traditional nine to five office jobs and becoming self-employed or choosing to work from home for an employer but doing it remotely, that is working remotely from their laptops or computers. I know I certainly am and there are a few good reasons why I chose to do this.

My first reason for doing this was that before I even started work I had to get there. You know what I’m talking about here. The daily commute. No matter how you do it, by car, public transport or even riding your bicycle was a nightmare. Traffic jams, crowded trains and reckless drivers made every day a struggle. A friend of mine used to have a two hour train journey each way just to get to his workplace.

The second reason was the stress placed on you by having to follow somebody else’s rules. What time you start, what time you finish, coffee breaks and lunch breaks. Half the people I worked with had to eat their lunch at their desks because of the pressures put on them to hit targets. Some people would be there way after normal working hours late into the night. Oh, and don’t even think about having a day off sick or trying to take a holiday because there are a thousand reasons why you cannot do any of the above!

So, a few years ago I decided enough was enough and quit my job and got a job online doing data entry and I feel one hundred times better. For a start I get to pick my own hours of work and I can do it from the comfort of my own home. If I feel like some fresh air I can walk down to my local coffee shop, enjoy a latte and use their wi-fi connection and do it from there. Another advantage is that I actually get to see my family. Sometimes when I used to get home the children were in bed. Not now. I even take them to school. Finally, I can take a holiday whenever I want which was a rarity in the past.

All in all, the decision to get off the hamster wheel of life was fantastic and that is why working remotely is the bomb!

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