Wix or WordPress for a Blog?

Before the digitalization of the written word, many people would keep personal diaries, produce newsletters, publish articles outlining their personal experiences disseminating information and expressing opinions. The internet of course has changed all of that and many people now use a personal blog to pretty much document their lives and opinions. In order to do this people usually use a blogging platform which a pretty easy to set up. Two of the most popular are WordPress and the new kid on the block – Wix. By far the most popular of the blogging platforms is WordPress but there are quite a few differences between it and its challenger Wix.

First of all let’s explain what WordPress is and how it works. Essentially, WordPress is an open sourced CMS (Content Management System) that can be easily installed on your computer which allows you to control your blog and the content of the blog. Because it is free to download and easy to use it has become by far the most popular blogging platform used on the internet. The only real costs involved would be domain hosting fees and domain name registering fees.

So what is Wix and what is the difference? The main difference between WordPress and Wix is that WordPress is a downloaded standalone software package, whereas Wix on the other hand is more of a tool or service that you subscribe to. The subscription for standard Wix is $18 a month and this allows you to basically build your own website from scratch. The site is really user friendly and you don’t require coding skills to do it. They have a more expensive service as well which gives you the chance to create a more personal domain space and access to over 500 web design features with 24 hour help. Once you have your site set up and ready to go you simply add a blog to your domain.

So which is the best one to use? To put it simply, they both have their respective strengths and weaknesses. For the basic blogger then the free WordPress service will probably be the best option. For the slightly more serious blogger who is maybe wanting to make some money from their blog or link to other money generating opportunities then the Wix tool may be the best option. It is going to be up to the users preferences.

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